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Manufacturing Facilities

  • Vertical Turret Lathes (upto 2000 mm Dia)
  • Horizontal Turning Lathes (capacity upto dia 1850mmxlength 12000mm)
  • Horizontal Boring Machines (upto 125mm)
  • Radial Drills
  • Cupola Furnace
  • Shaft Shrinking furnace
  • Shaper (upto 30" stroke)
  • Drill Machine (upto 2" Dia)
  • Measurement of liquid metal temperature by immersion pyrometer
  • Overhead cranes 40 Ton each.

Moulding :-
Heavy moulding by hands using Co2
No bake compounds chromites, Sand, zircon sand etc.

Heat Treatment
Heat Treatment Furnace 5000x7000x2000mm with graph plotter